BTC STYLIST FORUM Salon Owner Coronavirus Discussion If it is mandatory for salons to close do you still charge booth renters? Reply To: If it is mandatory for salons to close do you still charge booth renters?


Im frustrated that at the state level,DPOR,Health Department etc have let us slip through the cracks.
We cannot effectively guarantee no exposure due to our close contact with our clients yet several people continue to work!
We all have bills to pay but this has been the scenario where I am, I rent a booth in an 8 person salon.
Multiple owner situation, we heard nothing from them as of this past Monday.
Felt as if they should at the least clue us in on what their plan was, we got absolutely nothing until a few texts were sent to question why they were not taking this more seriously.
Their plan was to continue to work bc they have to pay the salon bills incase no-one pays their rent, thats what a contract is for!!!
While I appreciate the fears, we all are afraid of not being able to pay the bills, but with that being said, at what point do you decide public health is more important than the money!
Some simple math just as an example, lets say 4 of 8 work, seeing 6-8 clients each during staggered hours etc and staying under the 10 person rule.
So those 4 stylist see 24-32 clients each day, those clients are more than likely going to other businesses so lets say each person is in contact with 2-4 other people that day, then add in all of their families, lets say 3-4 per family, start multiplying all of it you’re at 500 people IN A DAY!
This is how its spread, people say I feel fine, incubation time is 4-10 days!!!
Im so angry at anyone that continues to keep their salons open, tell me how you’re staying 6 feet away???

The beauty suppliers in my area are a wreck,one person doing it all, or at the other they were told you can stay home but no pay.
I have zero income coming in, am still paying my rent to the owners that are still working.
It sucks but this is the part of self employed that most dont think about.
But Im more concerned with the pubic health at large, severely disappointed that no safety precautions were put in place for us as far as to close up or not.
Thanks for listening and everyone stay safe!