Sandra Souza

San Diego area… some stylists choose to stay home, others have to work to pay rent and bills, which I understand. A lot of clients cancelling but some still want to get their hair done. I have personally decided to stay home for two-three weeks to do my part to flatten the curve, I will still have to pay my booth rent. Most of my clients were relieved that they did not have to make the decision to cancel, I have had only one reschedule with a colleague. I have a lot of clients over 60 and I am very concerned about exposure that I can’t control like other stylist’s clients coming in sick or even me (contagious before symptoms show). I figured if more people could afford to stay home then we won’t be looking at contracting this thing and possibly being out of work for two months (which would devastate most clientele’s). I plan on doing things around the house I never get to do and furthering my education online. Good luck to everyone. This is a scary time we are in…