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I totally understand that as salon professionals we sanitize, sanitize, sanitize. But since this virus is airborne, all it takes is one sneeze and it can travel six feet. Six feet! We are definitely in closer proximity than six feet to our clients. Towards the end of last week, we started to get anxiety everyday thinking…will this be the day we become infected and even worse, pass it onto our clients? And that scared the hell out of us! We personally felt a moral responsibility to close. Is it going to hit the pocketbook? Absolutely! But unfortunately I think it’s only a matter of time before salons/spas are forced to close, at least in major metropolitan areas (we’re in Chicago). Not judging anybody for staying open though, this is an absolutely horrible dilemma we are all in. And to the person that pointed out that Lysol spray doesn’t kill this virus…thank you!! I didn’t know that! I’ve been using clorox wipes…but when those run out I don’t know what to do. I also cannot find hand sanitizer anywhere either. I’m washing my hands like crazy though. Be safe everyone!