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Debbie Claffey

I’m small town salon owner, 1 employee and 2 booth renters, we have posted on our social media the safety precautions we’ve always been doing but more frequently, we haven’t had much cancellations, but do ask our clients to follow:
Our Salon Safety Guidelines
• Please stay home if you experience a cough, fever, body aches, shortness of breath, or any other flu like symptoms. Our staff will do the same.
• Please wait 14 days before scheduling an appointment if you have traveled out of the country or any high exposure area.

• We will require clients to sanitize their hands when they enter our salon & before beginning any service, our stylists will do the same.

• We are following a rigorous cleaning schedule, door knobs, desks, stations, reception area, dryers, etc. to ensure our salon is disinfected on a regular basis.

• Do not bring extra people to your appointment unless the appointment schedule needs to be assisted or a minor. This will help minimize extra exposure as we are taking measures to space our appointments so that we can properly sanitize in between appointments.

We appreciate you and your families and
want everyone to stay safe and healthy!

but we’ll monitor each day so far there hasn’t been any cases reported in our county yet.