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Kelly Lush

I’m very concerned. I feel that the government and its agencies are largely ignoring our industry. I’m not worried about getting sick myself – I’m worried that any of us could be carriers at this point. The extent of the spread of this virus is unknown since testing has been a joke.

I’m worried about the clients who are at risk. I’m worried that we could be trying our best with increased sanitization and cleaning, but that it’s too little too late. I’m worried about being the cause of more at-risk people contracting this. I’m frustrated with the salon owner, I feel he’s not taking this seriously enough.

I live in New York state and they just closed all movie theaters, casinos, bars, and made all restaurants go to delivery or take out only. Not sure whether they forgot our industry or are ignoring it, but it’s only a matter of time until they wake up and make us close too. The governor is urging all private business to close, to work from home. Obviously we don’t have the work from home option. We don’t work, we don’t get paid. I’m terrified of the financial ramifications to the salon and to myself. My anxiety is so high, I can barely function.