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Amy Loughlin

I’m a salon owner in south central Pennsylvania. We have upped our sanitizing and disinfecting procedures by wiping down all hard surfaces with disinfectant spray and Lysol-ing all soft surfaces. This is done between each client. I’m encouraging my employees to where gloves whenever possible.
We also sent out an email and posted on social media about the situation. We are encouraging our clients over the age of 65, our clients who are dealing with a compromised immune system and those that have recently returned from travel to reconsider attending their appointment.
For those returning from travel we have requested waiting to come to the salon for 30 days after their arrival home.

We have received some backlash from clients (one actually stormed out of the salon on Friday) because unfortunately there’s a large population that isn’t taking this seriously at all. My client that stormed out got back from a cruise 2 weeks ago and had a stuffy nose! 🤦🏻‍♀️

Fortunately, a majority of our clients understand and appreciate the measures we are taking. And of course we are not penalizing them for last minute cancellations.

Overall, we haven’t had many cancellations. My and my employee’s Health is my main concern. Since we come in contact with so many people, I am afraid that we may contract the virus and unknowingly spread it to others. Unfortunately, we are being instructed to not go get tested unless you are showing symptoms. Otherwise, I’d take us all to go get tested every couple weeks!