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Linda Mumby

In the UK. We’ve put all magazines in the bin to stop cross infection. Every client has a clean gown and towels as normal. The only thing different as we’re all particular anyway, is every chair and shelf in front for tea/coffee is being wiped/sprayed with sprays that say anti Corona virus after each client. Reception desk continually cleaned also doors handles settees. Everything barbiced after each client including trolleys. We wash our hands between clients anyway. We’ve put a polite notice online regarding illness. We’ve had cancellations/rearrangements due to the virus and self isolating and thanked each person for their consideration. To be honest I think the majority of stylists are clean freaks anyway it’s the nature of the job. As a group of self employed stylists we have between said complete honesty and of one of us are I’ll. We close for isolation simple as that. We value our clients and will not jeopardise their health. The only other thing is when children visit, I’ve asked if their vaccinations are up to date.