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amanda adamson

I’m a small salon owner in Alaska. I work alone, sadly our industry isn’t doing so well here. We had our first confirmed case on Thursday and things are rapidly closing. I am concerned that our local government will institute a preemptive closure of “non essential” businesses. I’m disinfecting all chairs, station, implements, door knobs and tools between each client, I’ve stopped double booking to decrease risk, I provide hand sanitizer at my station for clients as well as provide them the ability to wash their hands, gloves are used from start to finish of service. I would wear a mask if i could get them but i can’t find them anywhere. I am allowing penalty free cancellations for those that feel they need to, and anyone who has traveled out of state, has to wait 14 days upon return to come in for an appointment. I have also asked that anyone experiencing any cold symptoms, reschedule their appointment and it is a two week wait period. At this point, clients seem to still be coming in for services, with little to no concern about the virus effecting hair services. As I’m sure most of us are, I am extremely concerned about the economic blow back all of this is going to have.