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Robin Cordova

I’m in Utah. I have a salon in my home and I’m 25 weeks pregnant. The virus isn’t here in our area yet but I’m starting to get worried as it spreads. 1# for the fact I’m pregnant. 2# I don’t want sickness entering my home and infecting my family. 3# I honestly don’t trust clients when it comes to being sick. We all know clients seem to never listen and come in sick anyways.

When is it so serious you close up shop for a bit? Schools are closed here for the next 3 weeks as a precaution. Being pregnant makes this situation even more difficult. The last thing I want is for me or my family to become ill. I trust myself to clean and sanitize properly… but I don’t necessarily trust others to do so. I also have a couple guests scheduled for a wedding in a few weeks coming from out of state (not wedding party, just guests). How do I handlr those appointments? I’m terrified they are gonna bring something with them assuming nobody is on lock down and the wedding still happens. Helpppp. What is everyone else’s opinions?