Wine Country Red Formula

Instagram via @hairby.ashleypac

The first day of the fall season is only a week away-cue the red requests. Clients will be bringing in all kinds of wine-inspired inspo pics and this stunning look by Ashley Pac (@hairby.ashleypac) is sure to be one of them. Scroll through to find out her process and how to achieve this look.


Instagram via @hairby.ashleypac


Who is the ideal client for this technique?

This color is for clients with a starting Level 6 or higher. This can be either virgin hair, previously highlighted, or it can be previously colored as long as it was not with color below a Level 6 or 7.


What maintenance is required for this look?

At home, Ashley recommends using a color-safe shampoo and conditioner for longevity. “You could also use a red tinted shampoo for vibrancy,” she suggests. This color lasts about four to six weeks until roots come in and the client is ready for a refresh.


Total Chair Time: 1.75-2 hours


Price: $150