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February 1, 2005

Zano’s Raw Sophistication Collection


Zano’s Raw Sophistication Collection

Taking inspiration from the fabrics, textures and colors of the season, Zano Salons & Day Spas created its hair fashion collection,  “Raw Sophistication.”  This collection emphasizes feminine, sophisticated hairstyles that are free flowing, yet very precise. The haircolors are dramatic with intriguing color placements.

“Hair fashion imitates what’s going on in the world of clothing design,” says Liza Espinoza, creative director for Zano Salons & Day Spas. “This season, the looks are romantic and free flowing with a soft feminine feel with lots of movement and texture. With that in mind, the haircuts in this collection are cut with precision on the underneath, but connected to the top in a freehand technique, using only shears and the stylist’s hands. This well planned execution lends texture and adds extreme movement to the shapes. This technique works great for both men and women.”

Unique to this collection is the specialized color technique, “Color on the Curve.” The color shifts are transient like tie-dyes. The colors, which include wine and violet, along with gold, bronze and platinum tones, move and flow from one shade to the next with no hard lines. This is created by incorporating two to three tones on a panel of hair from scalp to ends. For example, one style starts with dark wine at the scalp and then moves to auburn on the midstrand and then melds into dark golden blonde at the ends.

For more information please log on to: www.zanosalons.com