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December 27, 2007

Wella Professionals Trend Vision 2008


Wella Professionals Trend Vision 2008

With a new year come a slew of new and exciting hair trends.  As always, Wella Professionals have blown us away with their inspirational ‘dos with Trend Vision ‘08, and if this is just a hint of what we’ll see in 2008, then bring on the new year! 

The team at Wella Professionals put their creative talent into full throttle and showcased key hair looks through four leading trends of Trend Vision ’08: Mineral Splendour, Industrial Beauty, Wonderland and Couture Allure.

Mineral Splendour
Like discovering a hidden treasure chest, Mineral Splendour glows with the sheen of precious minerals and tinted metals.   Following the organic and fluid lines of minerals that have been preserved over centuries, the C-curvature is key to any Mineral Splendour cut, whether it’s in the fringe or at the nape, soft or dramatic.  For color, tone-on-tone ambers are combined with bronze and ash along with a touch of matte gold.

Industrial Beauty
Welcome to the twilight zone.  Industrial Beauty represents a blurred reality with neo-industrial looks that represent beauty but embrace imperfection.  These looks are about contrast, not uniformity with cuts that are graphic and deliberately broken.  The mixing of colors doesn’t reflect the standard monochromatic palette, but rather the raw industrialism of a factory with dusty whites and smoky blacks.

There are no Tweedle-Dees or Tweedle-Dums here, only high-fashion, self-assured ‘dos. In this version of Wonderland, hair is loose and deconstructed, blissfully flying in the wind with long or short locks.  The hair has a weightless feel, with pixie cuts and a variety of curls, styled with wide fishtails and loose lattices.  The color is a natural palette of neutral shades. 

Couture Allure
This trend represents individualism.  It strays from conventional ideals with these urban-like, couture looks.  Couture Allure showcases the art of volume, with sculptured and graphic hairstyles that pay homage to the bob from a modern, 21st century perspective.  The cuts are strong, bold and structurally sleek – virtually artificial.  Volume is created by using a shadow haircolor technique by highlighting with a deliberately shiny line, using densely saturated reds and blacks.

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