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April 4, 2010

TIGI International Creative Team Presents ANTHEMS


TIGI International Creative Team Presents ANTHEMS

The TIGI Creative Team’s new collection: Anthems takes the individuality of Bed Head’s iconic products as its reference point.  From the famed Bed Head Stick, (the starting point of the exciting brand that quickly linked Bed Head to all that is synonymous with youth culture,) to ever-popular products like Manipulator and Hard to Get, Bed Head is about eclecticism and being an individual within a group.

Inspired by Bed Head, the hairstyles within Anthems show a strong urban direction that projects ‘edgy’ raw imagery for people who desire to look different. Impactful shapes, strong textures and direct outlines are ‘on the pulse’, giving personal choice and identification. 

View the Step-by-Step: Rachel from Nick Irwin

Anthems is all about what the youth of the moment want to wear whether they are in London or New York, or the ‘where it’s at’ locations of any other city across the globe.. From undercuts to bobs, and from short shapes to long flowing looks these hairstyles are the choice of everyone who aspires to the freedom of youth, from street-smart kids to urban clubbers and sophisticated city dwellers. It is this amalgamated vision and influence that has stimulated the TIGI Creative Team to create these progressive hairstyles that offer an on-trend personal image that is about what’s happening in fashion right now.

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