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October 16, 2009

TIGI Colour RedsandCoppers and Steels Collection


TIGI Colour RedsandCoppers and Steels Collection

If you want to heat things up or cool things down, the TIGI Colour Reds&Coppers and Steel Collection is the perfect inspiration. It’s the perfect blend of vibrant, playful reds and cool, sexy steel.

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The Reds&Coppers Collection
This collection is racy, riveting and ravishing. Unleash your client’s inner thrills and create a vibrant red at any level. Whether it’s a soft crimson or a playful strawberry blonde—and anywhere in between—TIGI Colour gives you just what you need to create a riveting redhead every time.

The Steel Collection
This collection is sleek, daring and unique. Reach the brink of cool with shades that make “out of the ordinary” beautiful. Or add dimension with the newest Steel shades from TIGI Colour. Give your clients the treasure of metallic beauty.

View the Step-by-Steps: Steels and Reds&Coppers

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