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October 29, 2004

The Alternative Hair Show 2004


The Alternative Hair Show 2004

Check out what you missed if you weren’t in London on October 24, 2004 at Salon International.  Yep, our own Mary Rector was front and center as international artistic teams took center stage at the Royal Albert Hall.    

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This truly spectacular event was entitled Transition – a distinct progression in original hair design and artistry that, today, is heavily influenced by the evolution of extreme and exotic ideas that transpire from the creative force of the varying cultures of every team. 

The Alternative Hair Show is about excitement, enjoyment and inspirational hairdressing. Plus, all participating teams perform at their own expense in order that all revenue can benefit the Leukaemia Research Fund. Traveling from all over the globe, these teams very generously add their very personal support to what has become the very pinnacle of hair shows. 

Participants include:  Alan Edwards – England,  Andrew Collinge – England,  Blanco – Japan,  Burlingtons – UK,  Cobella – England,  Cutler – USA, Fehringer & Team – Austria,  Frank Gironda – USA,  Gandini Team – Italy, Gerry Santoro – Italy,  Klaus Peter Ochs – Germany,  Mahogany – England, Michael Barnes – England,  Mikel Luzea – Spain,  Perms – Japan, Sanrizz – UK,  Shai Greenberg – Israel,  and Vidal Sassoon – England. 

Photography: Jamie Carroll

To learn more about the Alternative Hair Shows please log on to: http://www.alternativehair.org