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February 3, 2017

Sebastian Professional Re-Charge SS17


Sebastian Professional Re-Charge SS17

Sebastian Professional brings you the SS17 Collection: Re-Charge.

In a connected world where technology drives every aspect of life, nature still holds the greatest power to fuel our creativity. Its raw and wild force recharges us, its power keeps us looking beyond and thinking forward. This season, plug your digital self back into the elements to recharge the self inside. Think outside the walls and wires, and harness the full force of nature to create high-tech haircuts and multiple changeable styles. And experiment with a line-up of iconic liquid tools, each inspired by the untamed energy of the natural world, and refined with the most sophisticated technology. Creativity starts at the source—it’s time to recharge. What if…this is WHAT’S NEXT.

“The pace of life we’re running at is so fast, and we’re connected to so many things, it’s a gift to be able to go back and reconnect with the world,” says Shay Dempsey, Global Art Director. “Sebastian’s always been inspired by nature, and this collection was a chance to celebrate that. Our most iconic products have that raw energy infused inside them, and we wanted to demonstrate the different ways you can dial that up, but still create very clean, sleek, high-tech looks.”

“The haircuts we’ve developed are very minimal, head-hugging shapes, but then they’re given this natural charge through the products and the new techniques we’ve used,” says Michael Polsinelli, Global Art Director. “The way I see it, this collection is an invitation to rediscover these products that are so well known; to reconnect with them on a deeper level, and create new possibilities for hair in the salon.“