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Last updated: June 18, 2010

Rhapsody from NAHA Winner Edwin Fontanez

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Rhapsody from NAHA Winner Edwin Fontanez

From the proud Swahili villager to the electrifying Latina songstress to the confident urban Bohemian, women have always embraced the headdress as a symbol of strength, spirituality and self expression. Throughout history, colorful and intricate fabrics have enhanced women’s natural beauty as they pay homage to their heritage and joyfully express the wearer’s personal style.

In his newest collection, 2009 NAHA Winner Edwin Fontanez celebrates the beauty, craftsmanship and creative expression of the head wrap, with nods to a variety of cultural influences.

In Rhapsody, Edwin interprets this iconic mode of adornment through his personal perspective of polish and glamour. Using the medium that made him famous—hair—he first optimizes his “fabric” with rich, glossy color and dazzling shine, then proceeds to drape, coil, twist and arrange it into stunning silhouettes. Esthetically dramatic and technically flawless, Edwin reinvents the wrap and the result…is pure rhapsody!

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Collection Credits
Hair and Art Direction: Edwin Fontanez, for JCPenney Salons
Photography: Grey Ziseer
Clothing Stylist: Linda Belkebir
Make-Up Artist: Susan Giordano  

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