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August 10, 2009

Renaissance 2010 and Color Formulas from William De Ridder

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Renaissance 2010 and Color Formulas from William De Ridder

Renaissance is the latest collection from William De Ridder.  The collection consists of three cuts based on disconnection and triangular sectioning and activations, emitting three individual personalities; purity, angelic and innocent.  The differences between the three are in the perimeter and interior lengths.

Purity celebrate the beauty of today’s modern woman.  The color is rich and the cut is strong.

Angelic is the longer sversion with light silver and blond coloring with soft triangular shape.  The style was softened through with strong texturizing.

Innocence is a versatile haircut and the shorter blond.  De Ridder used strong disconnections to the sides along with a strong triangle to the crown.

The colors vary in tones from light to dark.  High lift blonds with subtle yet defined lowlights contrast in harmony to the rich, dark browns with beautiful, copper reds.  De Ridder utilized Paul Mitchell color and products to create his latest collection.

Hair:  William De Ridder
Make-up: Anniek Van Rie
Photo: Patje Verbrugge
Clothing:  Joffre and Villa Maria

For more information please www.deridderint.com

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