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Last updated: January 04, 2006

Rainbow Room Art Team Collection

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Rainbow Room Art Team Collection

When you think of Scotland what do you imagine?  Great golf courses… gorgeous guys in kilts… How about cutting-edge hair?  Rainbow Room’s latest collection will show you why this is exactly what you should be thinking about. 

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The overall inspiration for the collection was to create an eclectic feeling of styles, textures movement. We were influenced by 19th century period fashion but also had a desire to take the images from that period to the extremes and add a modern slant.  There is a real baroque feel to the collection with a period photographic edge.
The color techniques that were used were solid color rather than highlights, which would create movement throughout the hair.  Colour was added from the root to the strand and strand to the tip.  The colour and the tone of the hair accentuate the depth and shape of all of the styles. The cutting techniques that were used were the combination of shape, form and textures combined with a strong solid cut. The hair was also dressed so it was a combination of all of the techniques that can be used on the hair.

The collection represents the direction that the team feels hair is moving in. Rather than poker straight hair that we see today we envisage hair is going to move in the direction of being styled with many different tools rather than straightners as people are learning there is much more that can be done to their hair. Also we believe that people are going to start dressing their own hair a lot more than at present.


Hair:  Rainbow Room International Artistic Team (Scotland)
Make-up:  Lee Pearson
Stylist: Clare Frith
Photography: Christophe Cohen
Products: Schwarzkopf


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