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December 22, 2008

“Power Games” from Top UK Salons

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“Power Games” from Top UK Salons

These are some interesting looks from fantastic international hairdressers like Sharon Blain, Alan D and Trendy Hair Fashion. These hot looks keep the sparks flying even in the dead of winter.

Sharon Blain
Coppery flames, autumn heat. Target – to keep the fires burning and the sparks flying as cool
winter draws in…the players are ready. What game are you playing? Soft geometric jigsaw or snakes’n’ladders with cascading coils? Everyone’s a winner.
Hair: Sharon Blain
Make-up: Julie Elton
Photo: Ian Golding

Trendy Hair Fashion
Levels go up and down – in the colour, in the cut. Whichever way the hair slopes, the chic factor is always the same – high, high, high… Fire and Ice. Extreme temperatures for extreme temperments. Weather goes wild and mercury levels fly in all directions on the fashion barometer.
Hair: Trendy Hair Fashion
Make-up: Marzena Bubiak
Photo: Bartosz Lubicz-Gembalski THF

Alan D
Sparks of electricity grounded in earthy tones. When the power surge overloads the senses control is regained by rigorous styling. Smooth or spiky. Dark or bright. A short cut, but definitely not a power cut. This energy flow is strong. 
Hair: Alan D

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