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February 9, 2009

Pivot Point Presents D2, DF 283

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Pivot Point Presents D2, DF 283

Pivot Point International is pleased to announce the release of In D2, DF 283. In this extraordinary Dolls and Divas collection in D2, DF 283, we discover that appearances can alternately be deceiving and revealing.

In this arena the Pivot Point International artists delve into an ever-so slight realm, where a façade of affected, dainty allure hides what lies beneath. Rewriting the rules, the team’s artistic expressions evolve from the pleasantly familiar into the surreal.

In D2, DF 283 the team reevaluates fashion’s breakthrough-boundaries with irrational daring audacity set in motion. They step out of the maze into the next fashion epoch, arriving on the other side with fresh and unexpected ideas of beauty.

Photo Credits:

  • DF International Artistic Director – Yolly ten Koppel

DF Artists:

  • Jens Hagenmüller – Germany
  • Troy Davidson – Canada
  • Joakim Roos – Sweden
  • Koenraad Engels – Netherlands

Makeup – Dino
Fashion Stylist – Venus Waterman@Eric Elenbaas Agency
Fashion Photography – Mike van den Toorn
Technical Photography/Videography – Tina Rayyan 

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