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Last updated: February 17, 2006

“New York Streets”- Intercoiffure Mondial Collection

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“New York Streets”- Intercoiffure Mondial Collection

The world is meeting in one place: New York – boomtown, mythical metropolis.  Life between movement and standstill, noise and serenity. Eight million people roam in the American super city on a restless search of the unusual. Artists, pop poets, anarchists, bohemians live close together, trying to break new ground.

New York is a unique and daring fashion cosmos and Manhattan its most fashionable styling styling planet. On the Lower East Side and NoLita districts the current fashion revolution has begun against the establishment and the American mainstream. Also against the fashion guardianship of Paris or Milan. The New York City fashion is celebrated everywhere on the island: from punk rockers in the East Village to street artists in the West, from uptown scenesters to downtown traders. 

New York Streets consists of current hair creations, whose diversity emerges from images in the street: individualistic and independent – a blend of apparent normality and transgression. Each individual expresses himself confidently in the wonder world of skyscrapers.

Intercoiffure Mondial’s latest collection reflects New York’s street life: exciting, progressive and provocative. The look: the extraordinary downtown hipster style, a current fashion revolution with a neo-punk feeling. Like a blonde with ice-appeal: classy short cuts – sexy and spiky in vanilla. Androgynous but still feminine. Women are ambivalent and emancipated. Like Patti Smith at the time, New York’s rock icon of the 80’s, who was always the first to tap the pulse of the age with her poems. Her dark and shaggy longhair was part of her power performance.

Dark haired avant-garde hipsters wear dramatic afro revival cuts with a touch of chocolate brown – they glamorously emphasize the individualism of big cities’ amazons. Men’s cuts in the style of New York bohemians: a long mane of hair harmoniously combined with the  rock’n’roll quiff. The idea: anti fashion is the trend.

New York Streets pitches on contrasts and creates extreme looks like out of the avant-garde district of Manhattan, but also do-it-yourself styles for fashion freaks. The collection is experimental, daring and rebellious. Just like the band around Joey Ramone and their motto “Hey ho let’s go!” – just not stay still. Rebellion sets the tone. New York Streets is defiant, free and with an inimitable balance between trend and style.

For more information please log on to: www.intercoiffure-mondial.com


Ann Bray (America)
William Sasek/ Maximus Salon and Spa (New York)
Maureen Doyle/ Maximus Salon and Spa (New York)

Creative Director North America: Richard Calcasola
Photographer: Luis Alvarez
Make-Up: Nikki Terranova, Renata Pinkas
Stylist:  Enne
Producer: Maggie Lee
Texts: Petra Weinzierl (Germany)
Graphic Design: Rogier Dekker – Nosaint – Netherlands
Observer: Charlie Perritt – Junior “Fondation Guillaume”
In partnership with: Wella & L’Oréal


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