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Last updated: December 16, 2008

NAHA 19 Finalist Lisa Vann’s Ice Collection

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NAHA 19 Finalist Lisa Vann’s Ice Collection

NAHA Nominee Lisa Vann, also known as the “Texture Queen of Aveda,” has returned to present her Ice Collection for this holiday season.  “The ice collection was inspired initially while watching the Discovery Channel,” explained Vann.  “I noticed the way the fur on black bears clumped together in the freezing cold weather to resemble snowy dread locks.  Inspiration came from icicles on the evergreens and was transformed into head-dresses and frosty eyelashes.  It all came together when I saw my daughters rolling around in the little amount of snow we get here in the Pacific Northwest.  The purity of it all and the fresh, playful nature was completed with a beautifully sculpted ice dress seen on the models.”

Vann employed Aveda’s Brilliant Hairspray, Humectant Pomade, Brilliant Spray Shine, Brilliant Emollient Finishing Gloss and Firmata Hairspray.  She got crafty and personally made all the hair pieces, executed the braiding and sewed white, hair wrapped balls into the model’s hair to create little snowballs!  She also used sugar a key ingredient for the “frosted” look.

“Two of the major obstacles we faced that was unique to this particular shoot were not only the transparency of the ice dress, but the way in which we wanted the “fabric” of the dress to drape,” said Vann.  “We had to have both our designer, Andrew Dyrdahl, and the ice sculptor, James Royal, on-hand to perfect the imagined look by chiseling and blow-drying areas that needed work.  As with any shoot, we also wanted to illuminate the depth of the hair and make-up without loosing the transparency of the ice and did so with the expertise of our fabulous photographer, James Cheng.”

Photo Credits:
  Lisa Vann
Photographer:  James Cheng
Designer: Andrew Dyrdahl
Ice Sculptor:  James Royal 

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