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Last updated: August 19, 2009

Mahogany Hair Surreal Reds Collection

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Mahogany Hair Surreal Reds Collection

The Surreal Collection from Mahogany Hair is inspired by Man Ray’s surreal photography and Matisse art works.

It draws on three fashion directions for this Autumn/Winter 2009 Collections:
Invert: Inverted shapes with wide shoulders, narrow waists and slick legs. The hair shape was created with this in mind, giving a powerful asymmetric narrow graphic image. Colour is the lightest of blondes with a graphic berry red triangle inserted into the fringe.

Twist: Clothes that twist around the body, and in this case using a twisted look of zips that coil create a twisting movement around the body. The hair shape is layered using disconnected panels that move across the back around the head shape. Colour enhances the shape with an ‘S’ shape panel working through the top sections.

Gather: Gathered fabric into pleats and asymmetry is a big trend for Autumn/Winter. The Mahogany team created this longer look haircut and colour by gathering hair into over-directed panels of asymmetric positions around the head. This technique was then amplified with the use of intricate sectioning panels of colour.

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Hair: Richard Thompson, Colin Greaney and Darren Newton
Colour: Vivica Davies and Tai Walker
Photography: Mike Ruiz
Make-Up: Roberto
Clothes Styling: Nico

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