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Last updated: August 07, 2012

Luna, by Geneva Cowen and Teresa Mockler

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Luna, by Geneva Cowen and Teresa Mockler

We’ve always looked to the moon with a sense of wonder. It’s the mystic orb that pulls the tide, that waxes and wanes and shines a light upon the world. And while we may know it’s devoid of life, we still hold onto the possibility of otherworldly creatures inhabiting its crevaces and craters. It’s that idea, as well as haute couture inspiration, that lends itself to the Luna collection.

Stylists Teresa Mockler and Geneva Cowen say this collection was initially inspired by a trip to the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Metropolitan museum in NYC; one look at the already iconic headpieces and hats was all it took for inspiration to take hold. The final result combines geometric shapes, ethereal forms and handcrafted glass headpieces to create a collection that is out of this world.

Photography and Fashion: Shalem Mathew
Hair: Teresa Mockler (Zindagi Salon) and Geneva Cowen
Makeup: Paula J. Dahlberg
Products: Redken

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