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August 6, 2007

Jason Kearns “Boardwalk Buns” Collection


Jason Kearns “Boardwalk Buns” Collection

Pinup gals knew how to titillate American G.I.s during World War II.  And Prada, Christian Dior and Bar-El know how to titillate fashionistas with their fall ’07 runway collections.  But it is Jason Kearns’ artistic vision that breathes new life into this timeless concept.  His “Boardwalk Buns” model embodies the glamorous ’40s, while maintaining the spirit of a modern femme fatale.

Kearns melds the timeless look of a bun with some sassy retro glamour by painting the model’s lips in a ruby red and giving her flirty, smoldering eyes.  Her come-hither tresses frame an intelligent, strong face.  “Because pinups have been around for decades, I wanted to push the envelope with Boardwalk Buns by skipping the typical clichés,” says Kearns.  “As an artist, I only want to do work that speaks of my creativity and not someone else’s.”

The set was created with an oyster-white background that has the model leaning back at a 30° angle, allowing for better play with the camera.  The soft colors make the model’s strong features and bright red lips pop.  “I approached it like a watercolor painting, which is a very difficult medium to work in when compared to oils that you can build up on the canvas to create different effects.  With watercolors, it’s a play on shades.  Quite often it’s the unpainted portion of the paper – a la our set – that impacts the overall effect,” says Kearns.

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Impact, indeed.  This modern take on a ‘40s pinup shows a strong, alluring woman who’s free to do what she wants, when she wants – and isn’t that really what we all want?


Hair, Art Direction & Concept: Jason Kearns

Makeup: Hanoch

Styling: Lorainne Langlois

Photography: Richard Dubois

To learn more, go to www.jasonkearns.com