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August 7, 2006

Intercoiffeur “Jo’burg Streets”


Intercoiffeur “Jo’burg Streets”

Intercoiffeur “Jo’burg Streets”

Johannesburg – City of the future with exciting, wild beat. South Africa’s biggest metropolis with a vibrant energy, which impressively demonstrates the new beginning. Modernity and visions are the engines of everyday life. The rhythm in the streets is determined by the untamed vitality of the creators and by the immense head for business of the ambitious. The former gold-rush town is a city of extremes: here the African culture comes upon western influences and they blend into a unique mixture, which creates extraordinary trends.

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Jo’burg Streets is Intercoiffure Mondial’s latest Collection for 2006. It presents hair trends out of an eccentric, vital, raw and impulsive world. The playing around with colours accentuates the styles on the highest level and shows the  unrestrained feeling for luxury. Shades of blond, copper and gold reflect the sunshine. Mahogany, violet, chestnut become magical highlights. Jo’burg Streets loves self-staging through exciting colour effects. The creations are clear, casual and naturally sophisticated. Disconnected looks underline the exciting facets of the lifestyles: purist and cool with a hint of glamour. Long and neat hair reveals itself as ultra feminine and noble. Jo’burg Streets means movement, passion and inspiration.

Business and art, fashion and culture, music and theatre – in Johannesburg beats the heart of new South Africa. The modern and glamorous business centres of Sandton and Rosebank were built. Here the fashion noble designers have settled. The people are open, friendly, direct – and crazy about success. The uninhibited  thirst for adventure is reflected in the social and commercial life. Power women fascinate with simply refined lady looks: accurate outlines – sometimes asymmetrical or layered – flatter the shapes. Men styling are free from constraints: soft layered bobs with provocative colour streaks underline the new strength and looseness.

The future belongs to the young creators. They self-confidently leave the past behind them, live freedom and an independent style. On Mandela Square, the beautiful and avant-gardes get together. And  in a frenzied tempo, Jo’burg reveals a scene of designers, artists, and architects – the right place for brave „Boomtowners“.


  Johan Nortje- Fashion Director Oceania

Hair stylists:  Herman van Staden, Connie De Sousa, Marleen Onderstall, and Jean White/ South Africa; Adam Kirchhofer/ Australia

Photography:  Patrick Toselli

Styling:  Lee Toselli

Make-up:  Liz Kaplan

Models:  Fazlin, Amanda, Liezl, Nadia, Elaine, Brian

Clothes:  Stoned cherry, Nicci, That’s it, Black Coffee, Piece, Studio Eight, Wizzards, Big Blue

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