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February 12, 2015

Grey to Gorgeous from Goldwell


Grey to Gorgeous from Goldwell

Not all clients are the same. You have clients whose texture varies from normal to coarse. So why would you treat all grey coverage clients the same? Think of grey services as being as diverse as your clients. And then realize how gorgeous that grey can become. From Goldwell comes the Grey to Gorgeous Collection—offering grey coverage with brilliant shine left behind, using the Goldwell @Elumenated Naturals system! 

Offering six new color looks to cover, enhance or blend your client’s natural greys. For those seeking 100 percent grey coverage plus brilliant shine, three Grey to Gorgeous Collection offerings utilize Goldwell Haircare’s revolutionary new @Elumenated Naturals Topchic and Colorance shades. These innovative new grey coverage formulas combine multi-layer color technology with oxidative dyes and high-shine direct dye for radiant, pure color looks. Or, for clients looking to enhance or gently blend existing greys, the three service options provide step-by-step color, maintenance and care processes to help anyone to go grey with style by bringing out the true luminescence and sophistication of grey.   

The complete Grey to Gorgeous service options include:
• Back to Natural: Create natural tones with a woodgrain effect and brilliant shine for this warm brown style by incorporating state-of-the-art Slicing and Weaving Techniques.

• Dimensional Blonde: With natural coverage and exceptional shine, this look combines neutral and cool shades to add a glamorous touch of youth for all blondes by utilizing the brand’s exclusive Intuitive Freehand Technique.

• Fashion Red: Achieve a spectacular red with gorgeous color movement by using a combination of radiant red tones and the all new Goldwell Haircare Back-to-Back Technique.

• Grey Beautifying: Enhance and contour the natural beauty of grey hair with soft reflections and luxurious shine thanks to the Micro Waves Technique for soft blending.

• Grey Camouflage: Cover partial grey areas with this natural grey service, recommended for clients with up to 50 percent grey hair, using the all new Grey Blending Service.

• Pixelation: Ideal for those with more than 50 percent grey, this fresh, masculine look creates an undetectably natural shadowing effect by drawing upon the subtle Pixelation Technique.

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