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July 9, 2007

Estetica Hairfashion Magazine Presents Shuki Zikri


Estetica Hairfashion Magazine Presents Shuki Zikri

Shuki Zikri, a star among the L’Oreal Professionnel firmament, recently put on an incredible show – “La Muse” – in Tel Aviv, Israel to mark the launch of the brand’s new color collection.

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Zikri’s La Muse collection is a taste of the hair trends you can expect to see this coming winter.  “A lot of defined lines; strict geometric lines alongside a lot of movement and freedom.  Just like in life,” he explained.

With 23 years in the industry, Zikri has enjoyed a successful career.  He launched his own bespoke hair product line several years ago to protect women’s hair from the sunny Israeli climate and hard water.  His own academy, which he opened 13 years ago, is his outlet for spreading his beauty knowledge and philosophy, hoping to inspire future generations.  “When willpower and imagination walk hand-in-hand, ideas can express themselves.  This is what I try to teach my students,” he said. 

Zikri explains his two “themes” to consider when styling hair.  “The first theme in hairstyling is love.  Stylists work with women, and they need to approach women with love.  Change is another theme.  Women change their appearance to go along with emotional and mental changes.”  He teaches his students to abide by these philosophies in their own work.

Shuki Zikri’s passion is evident in this collection, and if these looks hint at what we can expect for this winter, then we’ll gladly welcome the sub zero temperatures and biting winds.