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July 23, 2006

Edwin Johnston TKO Collection


Edwin Johnston TKO Collection

The “boxing” theme came from a general increase in the popularity with the sport.  There have been movies, TV and fashion taking cues from the sport.  I also liked the idea of beautiful women looking a little rougher than usual.  Elements of the shoot that were important were things like, blood, scars, and bruises.  I wanted that toughness to come through but not in a grossed out way. 

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I also wanted movement.  Trying to push the boundaries of the static hair shot.  I wanted the hair to look alive. Real.  Boxers are always moving so this tied in well with the concept.  The hair elements had to include a strong short hair cut… long hair that had an editorial feeling… and something Avant -Garde.  The wigs were a fresh concept- cutting cheap Afro wigs with clippers to create a clean frizzy texture.  The styling of the clothes involved elements of boxing such as gloves, taped hands,  and athletic wear.  The most important element was the boxing headgear.  Covering the head for a hair shot with a prop.  The resulting look is one of my favorites.

All Styling Products:  KMS California
All Hair Color:  Goldwell

Edwin Johnston
KMS California Canadian Artistic Director

Over the past 20 years, Edwin has become an industry leader, recognized as an exceptional educator, motivator and trend creating visionary.  Born in Ireland and trained in Europe, Edwin is known for his acute attention to detail and highly technical cutting and styling skills.   

His many awards and accolades include the 2004 North American Hairstyling Award (NAHA) for Contemporary Classic, the 2005 Mirror Award for Editors Choice, and the 2004 Global Salon Business Award.  Edwin has also been named three times (2000, 2001 and 2005) as British Columbia Hairstylist of the Year at the prestigious Contessa Awards and his  work has graced the pages of many top consumer magazines. For the past eight years, Edwin has been an integral part of the KMS California Style Council network. 

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