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February 10, 2010

David Adams Presents Charcoal Suite


David Adams Presents Charcoal Suite

Imagine a world without color. That’s exactly what redCHOCOLATE cofounder David Adams thought while presenting at a recent hair show. After coloring a group of models in blacks and grays and a group of multicolored models, he took a step back and really looked at it his work. He realized that the blacks and grays were just as beautiful as the colors.

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This is the third of the image collections from redCHOCOLATE, cofounded in 2008 by Adams and Virginia Meyer. It’s a collection of six images that showcase the stunning results of an inspired fusion between London and New York, beauty and fashion, technique and art. The brains and artistry behind this collection are the veritable dream team of the beauty and fashion industries from around the world. To make the Charcoal Suite a reality, Adams joined forces with globally renowned editorial artist Peter Gray, Aveda global makeup master Rudy Miles, and former creative director for Wella/Sebastian International and well-known photographer Robert Lobetta. redCHOCOLATE hair color educator Lupe Voss supported Adams in hair color. This major-league lineup gathered in Minneapolis, Minnesota to create the looks for these photos over a long, and productive, three days.

Photo Credits:
Creative Direction and Hair Color: David Adams using Aveda Color
Hair Color: Lupe Voss using Aveda Color
Hair Cutting and Styling: Peter Gray for Collective Shift
Makeup: Rudy Miles for Aveda
Photography: Robert Lobetta
Post-Production: Kay Lobetta

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