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Last updated: October 13, 2008

Damian Tworuschka’s Retro Fit for Paul Mitchell

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Damian Tworuschka’s Retro Fit for Paul Mitchell

As one of the winners of the 2008 John Paul Mitchell Systems Photo Shoot Competition, Damian Tworuschka from Offenbach, Germany had the chance of a lifetime to bring his entry’s creative idea to life, working with Paul Mitchell Editorial Director/NAHA winner Lucie Doughty and a team consisting of a top editorial photographer, makeup artist, and wardrobe stylist.

Tworuschka submitted his portfolio entry highlighting his top cuts, color and styles of his career, along with brainstormed inspiration boards for the judges’ consideration. At the recent photo shoot, judge and shoot mentor Doughty coached Tworuschka through the process of putting together an editorial quality photo shoot based on his inspiration.

The Retro Fit collection is tinged with references to both 1920s and 1940s glamour. Elegant updos featuring feathered plumes and satin bows shot in black and white are vintage yet extremely current, while Damian’s twirl on curls harkens back to both the days of saucy flappers and seductive screen goddesses in their heyday.

“I’m inspired by current fashion that is natural, elegant and sexy,” says Tworuschka. “For this
collection my vision was to create hair that’s both wild and classic, playing with texture and
movement. I wanted to evoke the couture featured at the big fashion shows.”

Tworuschka is a Paul Mitchell Task Force Team Member and stylist at the Haare Peter Hartmann Salon, a Paul Mitchell Focus Salon in Offenbach, Germany.

Photo Credits:
Hair: Damian Tworuschka
Photographer: Sean Armenta
Makeup: Jennifer Thorington
Creative Consultants: Lucie Doughty

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