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December 15, 2005

Color Twist by Jet Rhys

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Color Twist by Jet Rhys

Jet Rhys Unveils Color Twist
New coloring technique mirrors multi-tonal hair movement

Jet Rhys Salon has announced the Color Twist, the latest technique from San Diego-based hair experts that is designed to infuse a ribbon of luscious contrast into hair that needs a boost.

“What makes Color Twist so inventive is the way we apply the color,” says Jet, co-owner of Jet Rhys Salon and former Vidal Sassoon color guru. “We found a way to add multi-tonal color, similar to the effects of foiling, that gives it beautiful shine and movement.”

To begin, Jet takes a section of hair and twists it so that it resembles twine.  With approximately twelve sections, the width of each twist affects the outcome.  Wider sections are dispersed through the bottom layer to create an illusion of length.  Smaller twist sections are often used on the top layers, resulting in a high contrast between layers.

Dipping her brush between a butterscotch blonde and a toffee brown color, Jet applies one color at a time to the outer part of the twisted section. She continues coloring the rest of the twist, alternating between the two bowls of color.  This technique gives hair multiple tones from the roots to the tips, without the harshness of an overall color.  “The Color Twist is a perfect solution to your desire for gorgeous, multi-faceted hair,” says Jet Rhys.

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For more information, please log on to: www.jetrhys.com.


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