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October 26, 2006

BTC and Bravo in NYC for Casting Call

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BTC and Bravo in NYC for Casting Call

So, what’s a BTC girl to do when her good friend Joel Warren from Warren-Tricomi calls her to ask if it’s okay for Mark Koops, Executive Producer at Reveille (producers of top shows like Blow Out, The Office and The Biggest Loser) to phone her about helping with a new hair reality TV show? She says, “What are you waiting for?!?” So, the next thing you know, I’m on a plane to LA to hang out at the Beverly Hills Hotel with Mark to discuss a new show- Top Hair (working title)! 

The show will take a group of hairdressers who will compete to become America’s Top Hair champion.  “Our experience with BLOW OUT“, says Koops, “further strengthened our belief that the hair world has all the ingredients for great TV – dynamic larger than life personalities, inherent competition/personality clashes amongst stylists and amazing transformations of the people who visit the salon – and Top Hair will seek to capture all that and more in a serialized competition show that history has proven only further heightens the core underlying characteristics.  There will be a number of unique twists and turns to ensure that the contestants don’t get too comfortable and that the viewer always has another reason to tune in.” 


So, the girls at BTC began to work very fast to set up casting calls across America which will also include Miami this weekend and Chicago and LA next weekendFirst up on our casting call road trip—NYC- where our good friends at TIGI played host. Over 100 hopefuls queued up outside the New York City TIGI Academy at 61st and Madison. And BTC-TV was there… filming and talking to the contestants about their reasons for coming. What did we learn? 

That ambition and desire take on many forms:

“I left Pennsylvania at 3:00AM to be here.”
“I took a red eye flight from Utah.”
“I want to make the world beautiful.”
“My boss sent me here.”
“I am not really sure what is going on.”

Click on the individual images for more details.


Koops says they’re serious about bringing a professional level of hairdressing to Top Hair and anxious to have the hairdressing community respect the show.  “At its core“, says Koops, “the search is for the next great hair stylist and an attempt to showcase all the skills required to rise to the top of a very competitive industry. I thought I had learned all there is to learn about hair through BLOW OUT, but what I have quickly come to realize is I had only just skimmed the surface!  Stylists certainly aren’t shy!  And, in our contestants we are definitely looking for larger than life personalities who have their own identifiable style and belief about what makes great hair.” 


George Eliades, VP of Business Development at TIGI Academy NYC offers some additional,personal insights:

Some people who came to try out just wanted to get on TV and forgot that they needed to be passionate about beauty.  They should show passion and excitement for hairdressing.

It apears that it was helpful for applicants to bring some reference of their work (photos, magazine stuff, etc.).

And, they should try not to be nervous and to be themselves and show their personality.

If You Think You Have What It Takes To Become America’s Next Top Hairdresser, Check Out The Upcoming Cities/Dates For Top Hair Interviews: 


Sunday November 5th
The Sanctuary Hotel at the Rooftop
1745 James Avenue

Tuesday, November 7th
Ola Steak and Tapas
320 San Lorenzo Avenue
Coral Gables, FL 


Sunday, November 12th
Maria Tricoci Salon
900 N. Michigan Avenue
10AM-12PM or 1PM-4PM

Los Angeles

Sunday, November 12th
Allen Edwards Salon and SpaCasting
12050 Ventura Blvd, c101
Studio City, CA



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