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July 11, 2016

Zendaya’s Top Knot Bun and Fun, Fresh Braid


GET THE LOOK: Top Notch- CHI & Zendaya
1. Brush hair up into a high ponytail at the crown.
2. Keeping the hair’s natural curl, lightly back comb at base of the ponytail and pin to form a textured bun.
3. Spray a light mist of CHI Texturizing  Spray to add additional effortless texture.
4. Emulsify a small amount CHI Reworkable Taffy in palms   and clean up edges using a close tooth comb.
Bottom Text
#ZENDAYAforCHI #RealisBeautiful

Youth Fresh
Step by Step:
1) Create a side part and spray a light mist of CHI Texturizing Spray. Comb through with close tooth comb for a clean look.
2) Pull back hair into a low side ponytail.
3) Braid hair using a basic three-strand technique and secure the ends.
4) Use CHI Finishing Pomade to tame fly aways.