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September 4, 2014

You’ve Got Male: 4 Hot NYFW Men’s Looks

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As fashion week heats up, so do the men! Here are three hot looks straight from the runways of David Hart, Perry Ellis and Orley.


1. David Hart              
Menswear designer David Hart took us to Palm Springs with his spring/summer 2015 collection. To complement the colorful, tailored clothes, Oribe lead stylist Kien Hoang created a relaxed, yet polished look with lots of shine for the models. “When creating the hair, I imagined European guys on vacation,” says Kien. “They’re super stylish, and I wanted the hair to reflect that, but it’s not overly done. It’s relaxed and easy and quintessentially California.”



Get the Look
Wet the hair with Oribe Foundation Mist, which will serve as a cutting lotion. Clean up the hairline and trim sideburns into a square shape.


2. Apply Oribe Gel Sérum and shape the hair with your hands, encouraging natural wave and movement.


3. Blow-dry the hair away from the face. Apply Oribe Curl Gloss to enhance natural waves.


4. Finish the look with a generous mist of Oribe Shine Light Reflecting Spray for added luster.


2. Perry Ellis
Lead stylist for CHI for the spring/summer 2015 Perry Ellis show was Rutger. When creating the final look for the show, he said, “My inspiration was to create a 50’s guy with a cool, sporty and active attitude. This “Done/Undone” look gives men today that edgy, raw look combined with well-groomed lines.” To create this easy-going, yet raw look, hair was neatly groomed around the edges with square tapered sides and messy tops. Rutger used a T-Shirt bandana tied down across the head to keep hair down and away from the face until show time to achieve the disheveled top. 



Get the Look
1. On dry hair, start by trimming the sides into a more tapered finish, leaving length in the crown area. Use a DUR CHI Professional Clipper to achieve precision results.


2. After trimming, apply CHI Matt Wax through the hair for a “very light” look. To create lift and bend to the ends, use fingers to separate and define the natural wave or curl in the hair while blowing the hair with the DURA CHI Professional Dryer. To keep the tapered sides in place, use the leftover product on hands to sleek down the sides and edges.


3. Next, wrap a T-shirt bandana down across the head to keep hair down and away from the face. The lightness of the T-shirt material allows the scalp and hair to breathe while not being too heavy or completely weighing the hair down.
Rutger Tip: “The T-shirt bandana allows you to create the rawness I was looking for. Your fingers serve as great styling tools to not only lift, bend and define but to help maintain the desired texture.”


4. To finish, apply CHI 44 Style and Stay for hold and run fingers through the hair and refresh with the CHI G2 Ceramic & Titanium Hairstyling Iron to create extra shape.


3. Orley
Orley’s spring/summer 2015 collection was inspired by artists of the sixties, so it was only fitting the hair reflect the transformation of the sixties—a grown-out, unkempt and psychedelic look. “The look for the hair was also inspired by images of the Monterey pop festival in California in 1967,” says Alex Orley, co-designer of the menswear brand, “where psychedelia really exploded onto the music scene of the time.” To get the psychedelic hair look for this season’s collection, the designers turned to Katsumi Matsuo of ArtMix Creative to create hair that’s modern but still reminiscent of the ’67 Monterey pop festival. “I want the hair to be a bit psychedelic, messy, completely dried out and even a bit frizzy,” explains Katsumi.



Get the Look
1. Prep wet hair with René Furterer VOLUMEA Volumizing Conditioning Spray – no rinse, spraying from roots to end.


2. Rough-dry the hair with your hands, directing the nozzle at the base to create volume from underneath.


3. Once the hair is dried, mold the shape of the hair with René Furterer MODELING PASTE. It has the matte texture needed for the dried out look.


4. To finish, liberally spray René Furterer NATURIA Dry Shampoo throughout hair to create that dry, messy texture and to build volume.


BAJA EAST’s spring/summer 2015 collection was inspired by a well traveled young man. So when it came to the hair, Kevin Ryan for GO24.7, decided to pay homage to Peter Lindbergh’s tomboys. “The look is lived-in, but beautiful, and the hair has a practicality to it,” describes Kevin. “The feel if that the hair started with a slick, groomed style which has become undone just by living life to the fullest.” The hair’s texture has an oil and water effect—with a mixture of dry and sleek textures.



Get the Look
1. Wash hair with GO24.7 Mint Thickening Shampoo, then apply GO24.7 Hair Gel.


2. Blast wet hair with a hairdryer until completely dry, creating volume at the front of the crown.


3. Once dry, backcomb at the roots to create additional volume and texture.


4. Apply GO24.7 Texture Paste to the fingers and roughly rake through the hair, from roots to ends. This creates a piece-y texture.


5. Use GO24.7 Soft Wax through the roots to create a “worn” texture to counterbalance the dryness of the ends, and build more volume and lift.


6. Finish the look by spraying GO24.7 Control Spray throughout, to the front roots for matte shine, texture and hold.

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