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Last updated: November 10, 2017

Your Top 15 Most Embarrassing Moments As a Hairdresser

Everyone has done something in their career that was less than stellar. Think back…what was one of the most embarrassing moments you have had as a hairdresser? Did you leave her color on a little too long and instead of a beautiful blonde, you ended up with a brassy orange? Or perhaps that blunt cut wasn’t quite intentional? Whatever you did, we’re sure you look back on it and laugh or perhaps still cringe.


Either way, BTC wanted to know, ‘What has YOUR most embarrassing, OMG moment been as a hairdresser? Here are 15 of YOUR best OMG moments!


“In my early days of doing hair, i filled up a ladies girdle with water while rinsing her perm. Unbeknownst to either of us until she stood up afterwards and the look on her face denoted something was wrong. With a surprised and puzzled look on her face, she put her hands on her bum and patted it and it made this swishing noise. I asked her what the noise was and she said, ‘my girdle has filled up with water.’ Both of our jaws dropped and then we both looked at each other and laughed. She was so very kind about it all. We got her all dried off and finished her hair. Note to self: when a customer tells you she feels nice and warm while you are rinsing her perm, check and make sure the water is NOT running down her back.” – dnjms6


“I had a client who had his signature moustache. He came in one his vacation day before work. I cut his hair, trimmed his stache’ and…I slipped. I ended up taking the whole thing off! His eyes got so big I started laughing. I felt bad, but it was so funny!” – Samantha_971223


“Giving a male client a haircut, I used my legs to swivel the chair around so my leg/hip was kind of resting against the chair before I needed to move again. Enough time passed standing in one place that my client then decided to remove his arm from between me and the chair. Yeah i was leaning my leg/hip/crotch area against his arm and hand and just there cutting his hair. He was super weirded out!” –juliannemc


“My most embarrassing moment was when I was waxing my cousins eyebrows. I had too much wax on the stick and it dripped down her eye lid and stuck her eyelashes together. Thank God for wax off!” –amberodom89


“As a new student, I was styling a lady’s hair. I grabbed Blow It Up by Sexy Hair from the back bar thinking it was a hairspray. I had her hair all dried and curled. I pulled up a section to tease it and sprayed blue foam all across the section and down her cape. I was so mortified. I had to dry the hair again and everything. Product knowledge is important!” – kayleeeanderson


“When I was a beauty school student, I shampooed a lady and was using the mirror to set her hair…I kept thinking she looked odd but did not know why until my teacher asked, “Why does your client have no eyebrows?” Turns out I had accidentally washed them off while i was shampooing her!” – altoonabeautyschool


“One busy Saturday, I accidentally let go of the shampoo blow hose, and instead of shutting off the water (like a normal person) I tried to be a hero and catch the flailing hose that was spraying recklessly all over the salon, not only soaking myself and my client, but also soaking the stylist next to me, her client and all of the mirrors and walls around us. Why did I try to catch the hose? I have no idea! To this day it still embarrasses me.” – hannahstiers


“Yesterday I had a lady with black hair come in for some subtle chocolate highlights. After only five foils she asked why it was taking so long and said, “I should be able to foul, tone and cut her hair into an A-line in an hour,” and was furious that it took me two hours. She kept asking if someone would take over and kept touching her foils. She loved her highlights but asked the salon to never schedule her with me again. The salon ended up banning her from coming to anyone!” – marissfrances


“When I was an assistant, I showed a new male client to a dressing room to change into a smock. He came out holding ALL of his clothes: pants, shoes, everything! I quietly told him most people just remove their sweater or shirt. Poor guy!” – timmory


“I told a client I would be with him and his mom in a minute and he replied “that’s my wife!” Ahh! So embarrassing. I couldn’t talk my way out of it!” – salon193


“I had a lady that had explosive diarrhea all over the salon floor! It was horrible! She then expected us to wash her poopy pants in our washer and dryer!” -snipsandcolor


“I misread a client’s name and called him colon instead of Collin. I was laughing on the inside and felt so bad!” – alicendahaus


“I’ve been doing hair for amost 20 years, and the most embarrassing thing just happened yesterday. This 16-year-old boy comes in for a haircut. I usually try to check the area around the beck of the shampoo bowl for missed color before the client sits down, in case someone before me missed a spot. I guess my apron caught the on/off lever as i leaned forward. I wasn’t holding onto the hose and the water came out full blast. I ended up shooting him straight in the ass, totally soaking his but. Worse part was I couldn’t stop laughing as i was shampooing him. I’m still laughing as I write this.” – jasonjamiel


“I was giving a client a razor cut, as i was cutting her bangs she suddently moved her head back. I thought i had hit her nose with my comb, but it was worse! Before my eyes a little red ball formed on the tip of her nose. Yes, i had nicked her with my razor. I was mortified and we couldn’t get it to stop bleeding. Thank goodness she was such a good sport. I didn’t find the humor in sending a very good client out the door with a bandage on her nose. Good thing she came back and now we both laight about it.” – amycjaramillo


“I was pushing through a work day not feeling quite well. It was a full foil guest and I just kept saying one more foil in my head to get through it.. Well it got bad enough that I was about to pass out but didn’t react quick enough…blacked out and apparently I laid my head on her lap. They called 911 and everything. I was fine but she teases me about it every following appointment.” – faithmangum


“Fresh out of cosmetology school, I was doing a blowout for a senior stylist. I tried telling the lady I was about to give her the best blow-dry ever, but ended up telling her she was about to get the best ‘blow job’ ever!” – bobbie-saucier


“I killed a woman in beauty school. There was an elderly lady who would walk with a cane and do the :shuffle” with her feet so she didn’t tip. Well, one day she was wearing heels and as i finished shampooing her, i reached for a towel and as i had nmy back turned she had gotten up and started walking back to my chair. She ended up slipping on a puddle of water, fell, broke her hip and hit her head really hard on the concrete floor. The ambulance came eventually but told us we couldn’t move her. I was a mess and started crying in the back room. I had the rest of the day off. She died later in the week.” – yolaceface


“When I first started doing hair, I started with Supercuts. I had a client in my chair, easily 70 years old. When cutting the bang area, I moved his head in my direction, pointing him straight at my breasts. I was barely 18, with a small frame and tits the size of mellons. He said “oh my, it’s temping to bite.” He then got all red and apologized. I took the clippers and buzzed his head a Number three and kicked his ass out of my chair!” – simply_z0


“When I was in cosmetology school, I was blow-drying a lady using a diffuser and apparently I didn’t put it on right because it flew off and it her in the back of the head. Luckily, she was nice and just laughed it off!” – samwow1996


“I accidentally got Aveda Blue Oil in a girl’s eye once. It was bad…I almost cried. That stuff is super minty, cooling and tingly and it probably felt terrible in her eye. Poor girl.” – meowwowz


“I had a client that showed up 10 minutes late and brought her four-year-old daughter. My client was apologizing about her tardiness and explained that her doctot appointment took longr than expected. I saw the four-year-old had a sticker that said, “I was brave,” so i assumed the appointment was for her. I kneeled down to the little girl’s level and said, “were you a brave big girl when you got your shot today?” She very loudly and matter-of-factly replaied, ” No, we went to the doctot for mommy. And the doctor said mommy has a yeast infection!” My poor client tried to cover her daughters mouth but it was too late. All the clients and stylist were rolling on the floor laughing and i felt so awful for my client.” – melos_hairpics


“I had a client that has been coming to me since beauty school. She likes to change her color up a lot. One day, I misread her formula and used her toner as her color so she ended up with hot roots. I did this two more times. It’s a miracle she still comes to me.” – amberodom89