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August 6, 2015

Your Best Hair Day, Every Day

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What do you need to look like your best self? Your go-to red lip? Your favorite comfy sweater? For most women, if the hair’s not on point, the rest of the outfit falls flat. However, a beautiful blowout isn’t necessarily convenient all the time. Luckily, no one understands high quality, affordable convenience quite like Sport Clips. Having just opened in all 50 States, Sport Clips is the fastest growing men’s chain salon around. CEO and Founder, Gordon B. Logan, after careful research and consideration, decided on a new goal—it was time to provide a quick, accessible service for women in the same way Sport Clips does for men.


Enter, the grand opening of Vent Blotique in Cedar Park, Texas—a fresh, modern blowout and style salon. Each Blotique is designed to deliver a unique guest experience. Christy Logan, Vent Coordinator says “We’ve created the look and feel of a high-end salon for modern women to get affordable styles they need in about a half hour.” With a fun ambiance, cutting edge blow-dry system and state-of-the-art studio design, clients are truly given the royal blowout treatment.


Bettye Logan, Owner of Vent Blotique, Michelle Madrid, Salon Manager & Christy Logan, Vent’s Project Coordinator


But it’s not just about the guest at Vent Blotique. Every great salon is only as good as the stylists within it, so to Vent (much like at Sport Clips), the stylist comes first. A good business keeps their artists healthy and inspired! Vent has hanging blow dryers suspended from the ceiling to ease tension on the shoulder arm and elbow; ergonomically designed flooring provides soft cushion and support from wall to wall; and for those stylists dealing with back pain or are trying to prevent it, Vent has European-style shampoo bowls so stylists can wash from behind—greatly reducing your chances of back pulling and twisting.


Vent Blotique’s Sarah Durkee, Senior Marketing Specialist, & Tara Silvio, Education and Purchasing Coordinator


And the learning never stops! Each team is assembled with a certain balance in mind—a mix of new-comers and experienced hairstylists, prepared to work and learn together.


This guaranteed success isn’t accidental—blowout bars have been an emerging trend for a while now. In that time, Sport Clips has been observing, researching and monitoring the success of these blowout pioneers set in cities such as New York and Los Angeles. Now, Vent aims to make it more accessible for women everywhere, so each woman can look as gorgeous on the outside as she is on the inside. 


Bettye Logan, Gordon Logan, Christy Logan & Gordon B. Logan.


Interested in joining the team? Apply here: http://www.vent.careerplug.com/


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