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December 30, 2014

Your 360° Guide to Extensions

If you ever wonder which red carpet celebrities are sporting hair extensions, the answer is…probably all of them. Celebrity colorist Rick Wellman of the Patrick Melville Salon in New York shares this story: “I was booked to do the haircolor for a top celebrity before a major ad campaign shoot,” he reveals. “They told me exactly what color they wanted, which was fine. Then one day a bag arrived in the mail. I opened it, and there was all of her hair! I colored it, sent it back, and as far as I know, they did the shoot. I never even met her!”


HairUWear Professional—Clip In and Go!



There’s also a high chance that underneath many of those luscious celebrity manes are the fabulous HairUWear Professional clip-in extensions, winner of the BTC Stylist Choice Award for Favorite Extensions. Why? Because this temporary system offers A-list quality, 100 percent Remy human hair in 12- and 18-inch lengths, and nine shades developed to blend with the widest range of tones within the three color categories of blonde, brunette and red. You can also color or tone the wefts with semi- or demi-permanent formulas and 20-volume developer or less.




For professional use only, these are the thinnest wefts available in a clip-in extension, thanks to the exclusive, Fineline® weft technology. Three, side by-side, silicone-backed clips offer optimal stability and comfort and prevent bucking or sagging. Plus, they’re available in the snappy Starter Toolkit that can be transported to location shoots, weddings and on-site styling assignments. The kit includes 27 wefts (three each of nine colors), a Match Book color swatch matching tool and a high quality case to present and store your extensions.


Your clients may not routinely pose on red carpets (or maybe they do)! Bridal clients are probably your best customers for longer, fuller, temporary hair, followed by clients heading to parties, models at photo shoots and clients who want to try out new hairstyles and shades. Give them what they’re after—in the most professional, quick, easy and high-quality fashion, with HairUWear Professional!


Dazzle your bridal client with this ultra-sexy bridal braid—created with HUW PRO Clip-Ins!


Become a HairUWear Professional—get certified!


Great Lengths Apps—Single Tab Tape-Ins for Value and Speed



Using the same virgin quality hair that Great Lengths is known and admired for, GL Apps by Great Lengths give you the opportunity to introduce extension services to a broader client base, thanks to lower application price points and speedier application. Credit the unique, double-sided single tab tape-in system, which provides generous amounts of hair in each tab.

Because the attachment site is securely sandwiched between fine layers of the client’s natural hair, GL Apps are the most undetectable attachment of any tape system on the market. They’re the “no VPLs” of extensions!

If you have a need for speed without compromising quality ONE BIT, check out GL Apps!


See how GL Apps help transform a mousy brunette into a vivacious orchid-infused ombré!


Great Lengths Premium: The Ultimate Hair Extension Service


Do you have a discerning clientele that insists on high quality, natural-looking human hair extensions; unsurpassed longevity; gentle and resilient bonds; and responsive customer
service? Then you really don’t have a choice—only Great Lengths Premium extensions will satisfy!

At Fuse Salon in Dallas, Zoya Ghamari started out running a color salon, but after experiencing the profitability of the service, she now attributes 85 percent of her revenue to extensions. “I deal with a lot of society women,” Zoya says. “They don’t want anyone to know that they have extensions so they can’t be visible, and they don’t want that silicone coating that looks Barbie shiny. Great Lengths blends and lasts better than any other extensions.”



The first pre-bonded hair extension system, Great Lengths offers a patented, synthesized keratin polymer bond that expands and contracts with the hair. So comfy! The company also treats the 100 percent Remy Indian temple hair with a patented, toxic- and chemical-free depigmentation process which produces a virgin quality result. For clients who want the best, GL Premium delivers the best!


Here’s how to go to “great lengths” on relaxed, Level 3 hair, using three shades from the 3D Sun FX collection in 20-inch lengths.


The Business Side of Extensions—6 Profit-Boosting Tips


More length, more volume, more color, more WOW, more POW! Hair extensions provide all of the above and more—for your clients and for your business. Want to master one of the biggest revenue-builders in the industry? Follow these tips and you’ll be rolling in the dough!


1. Because of the high-quality of HUW PRO wefts, many stylists offer the system as a service rather than a retail product. What’s more, in your capable hands, the client will receive the best possible results!

2. A good pricing guideline for a GL Apps service is to simply double the cost of materials. The result will be a very attractive service fee for clients. What’s more, if you’re already offering Great Lengths Premium Bonded extensions, thanks to the speed of application, your personal productivity and profits are likely to increase!

3. Keep your Toolkit close to your station to make it easy to pop in a few wefts during any service to demonstrate how quickly she can amplify the volume!

4. Take extra wefts along when doing brides—once the bridesmaids see the magic of HairUWear Professional, you’ll have new clients on the spot!

5. Is she thinking of trying a new color trend like vivids or ombré? Or growing out her short haircut? Done in an instant, without the commitment—a great way to “try before she buys!”

6. Keep plenty of accent colors in stock and use them to demo fun, permanent color placement. In no time, your color bookings will soar. Ditto for natural colors—you can demo highlight and lowlight effects.


Great Lengths Wants to Be Your Business Buddy!


  • With Great Lengths, exclusivity is part of the program. Limited distribution policies and requisite certification protect the brand and your business. And that’s just the beginning!
  • A fully automated email and social media marketing system is personalized to each GL Certified Salon. Integrated with Facebook, it provides appointment reminders an rewards individuals for friends and family referrals.
  • A Great Lengths Stylist site displays and promotes your work to prospective clients.
  • National and regional consumer ad campaigns, plus high profile PR and social media activities centered on celebrities who love Great Lengths, make Great Lengths the most recognized extension brand among consumers.


Interested in becoming Great Lengths Certified? It’s more than just learning how to attach extensions. For more information and to see how GL Certification can affect your business, click here!