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April 28, 2015

With Pinpoint Accuracy, Gray Roots Coverage is Easier Than Ever!

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Pretend someone stopped you in passing to ask, “What’s the biggest complaint you get from your gray coverage clients?” How many seconds would pass before you let out that familiar sigh and say “They hate their roots!” Without a doubt, it’s the most common problem—your clients get their gray covered and then, two weeks later, the gray shines through once again. It’s nature’s fault at the end of the day, but since people tend to need a scapegoat, you—and your skills as a gray coverage colorist—get the blame. End that misguided blame and send your clients home with Style Edit Root Concealer



Equipped with a pinpoint applicator, all your clients have to do is simply point and shoot. It’s seriously that easy! Style Edit Root Concealer comes in five shades ensuring that, regardless of the original base color, all shades are covered. The all-encompassing shades include Black/Dark Brown, Medium/Light Brown,Blonde, Auburn/Red and Lightest Brown/Blonde, the newest shade added to the Style Edit roster. The color latches onto the roots, eliminating any sign there was ever gray and it stays on all day until your client washes and shampoos their hair.



When it comes to gray coverage, you’re responsible for making your clients feel young and confident. So send them home with Style Edit Root Concealer, and they’ll know longer feel betrayed when their true roots show through. It’s important that you’re able to give clients an added three to four weeks between visits knowing that they are confident with their color—and now you can reply with a smile when people ask you “What’s the biggest gray coverage complaint you get?”