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June 23, 2014

Wicked sharp shears story

Wicked Sharp Shears

Works with 8 companies to sell shears: washi, florida shears, shipshado? Jaguar, Mirage, Sensai, (big names)- **no lower ends

Always been fascinated with sharpening- boy scouts
retired at 42 with lots of money
invested in florida real estate- making tons of money until it collapsed- forced into bankruptcy
too independent to work for anyone else- almost 50 and not about to go get a normal job
wanted to do something he enjoyed and make a living at it- 5 years ago
planned on starting with kitchen cutlery but never did
researched online and found cali guy “guru” about salon scissor sharpening- Jason Pentel?
flew out to cali and stayed for 5 days and sharpened day and night – the sun gold group.com
he suggested florida contact – ray balarski? On site sharpening pioneer in CT
spent time half a dozen weekends with he and his wife sharpening
after 4 months, ray says he was ready- 5 years later, much better sharpener than in the beginning
started in west palm beach area- 3 weeks in, decided to raise prices
started by knocking on doors and introducing himself and trying to get a foot in the door
sharpeners have a bad rep because everyone’s had a bad experience- no trust
nobody pays for the 1st sharpen- if damaged, he will buy them a new one
vacuum in the profession- tremendous need
establish trust factor- more business, LOYAL clientele
representing florida shears- working in west palm beach area, saw a lot of Washi shears coming in, found out it was local, gradually developed relationship with Mark- eventually turned over sharpening
despite loss, loves what he does, family taken care of, values being so well received and having client base
SHARK FIN- one of their only authorized sharpeners in the state of Florida
Top 3 or 4 contacts for testimonials- will be sent

Start with a background of John himself and how he got into the business and the two contacts that were most influential. Work into the business itself and how he has grown his clientele, and leading into the tactics and business practices he uses to keep his clients coming back. Close with updates about plans for continued growth. I want to include pictures and testimonials and (hopefully) links back to any relevant pages for him.