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May 12, 2015

What’s In Your Fashion Week Kit?

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When you’re a Fashion Week stylist, you’ve got to keep your creativity, energy, attitude and sanity in check while you’re away from home and the salon. Here’s what 15 Fashion Week pros can’t live without:


“My music! I love listening to The Smiths, New Order and Depeche Mode. If energy is running low and my team needs a kick in the ass, I’ll play something with a beat.” – Paul Hanlon


“A picture of my dog—his name’s Clive. It keeps me going.” – Syd Hayes


“A rattail comb. When you backcomb hair, you can’t use a cheap comb– it will break and tangle the hair. A tailcomb is the most versatile tool. Plus, the teeth are strong so you can really put your back into it when creating volume.” – Peter Gray


invisibobble is perfect backstage for getting the models’ hair off their faces during makeup without leaving any marks. I also love using it for sectioning.” – Richard Phillipart 


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“I always bring an amethyst crystal with me. It promotes creativity and sucks away negative energy.” – James Pecis


“A box of English tea bags.” – Anthony Turner


“I have the new Tangle Teezer Blow-Styling Paddle Brush in my kit. The way it’s designed, hair slides right through.” – Sam McKnight 


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“I bring a Polaroid Camera and film with me everywhere. That way I can document everything I do without retouching.” – Jordan M


“A box containing every different kind of pin, band, elastic, etc., you can think of.” – Neil Smith


“Some kind of green juice—kale, spinach, cucumber. And thickening spray.” –Sabrina Michals


“A JRL Professional Hush 2000 Blow Dryer. I studied engineering before I did hair, so I have a lot of experience with different tools. This dryer is a must-have.” – Joseph DiMaggio


“A Mason Pearson brush.” – Thomas Osborn, Amy Farid, Yannick D’Is, Esther Langham


“Tylenol. I get massive headaches from stress [during Fashion Week], so I always have it with me.” –Antonio Corral Calero

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