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January 3, 2017

Well THIS Sounds Interesting…

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Regular hairbrushes are SO 2016…this new smart hairbrush is sensor-packed and uses sound and touch data to determine your hair’s health.


The brush, produced by L’Oréal’s Kérastase and Withings, a division of Nokia, is called the “Hair Coach.” A microphone in the brush captures your hair’s soundwaves as you brush, identifying frizziness, dryness, split ends and breakage.




And that’s not all this smart brush tracks. A gyroscope analyzes your brush force and speed, and an accelerometer counts your brush strokes. The vibrating handle guides your brushing technique. And you can track it all on the Hair Coach app, where you can see your hair’s health over time and get customized product recommendations. L’Oréal says the brush will be out in mid-2017 for less than $200, available in select Kérastase salons and online.




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