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July 24, 2015

We Have Liftoff! 8 MORE Incredible Finds from Cosmoprof 2015

At Cosmoprof Las Vegas, salon professionals from all over the world got to see 2015's most innovative styling products, high-tech tools and color lines. Here are some upcoming launches that caught our attention!

We Have Liftoff!
8 MORE Incredible Finds from
Cosmoprof 2015

2015 is shaping up to be the year of salon industry innovation—the likes of which has not been seen in many years! A strong salon economy mixed with eager consumers has led to a diffusion of versatile styling products, high-tech tools, exciting new menu options and color lines that protect the hair’s integrity while still delivering brilliant depth. At Cosmoprof in Las Vegas, salon professionals from all over the world got to see these innovations firsthand—and BTC was there to capture it all! Here are some of the upcoming launches that caught our attention, a few that made us scratch our heads (literally) and the ones that stole the show!

Who: Onesta Probiotic Color Care System
The Scoop: And the winner for best-smelling product at Cosmoprof 2015 is…Onesta’s Probiotic Color Care System. The three products in the line—Shampoo, Conditioner and Leave-In Treatment—work cohesively to keep color-treated hair healthy, strong and vibrant. (And let’s be honest, our clients could all use a little more of that). How does it work? With a blend of Certified Organic extracts like Chi and Fennel seeds and Amla and Shea Butter, known for their anti-color fade capabilities. Especially unique is the Probiotic Protein Treatment, which you can apply before a chemical treatment to even porosity. You can also spray five to 10 pumps into the color bowl and mix before application. Sign us up. www.onestahaircare.com.

Who: Reviv3 Procare
The Scoop: Fine and thinning hair is a problem that a majority of your clients will face at some point in their life. But just because their hair is thinning doesn’t mean they have to show it. As their stylist, you can create the appearance of fullness with just a few simple products. To create volume and thickness, try  Reviv3’s three-part system. This one-of-a-kind product range was founded on the need for an effective drug-free system that works to improve scalp health and promote healthy hair growth for people with fine or visibly thinning hair. Plus with all of the ingredients sourced by nature, your clients’ will experience fuller, thicker, more luxuriant hair growth, without any harsh side effects. Within the system is Cleanser Shampoo, a unique, gentle formula with specialized nutrients, herbal extracts, amino acids and glycoprotein to promote strength and volume. Used daily it preps the hair follicles for optimum hair growth. Moisture+ Conditioner, formulated with natural glycoprotein, anti-aging vitamin complex and phyto extracts, primes the scalp for a healthy hair-growing environment for thicker, stronger hair. Micro-Activ3 Treatment, formulated with an anti-aging tri-peptide complex, is a state-of-the-art nutrient delivery system that increases microcirculation, renewed hair growth and strength. It’s hair growth at its safest!

Who: Nanokeratin System Befri Brush
The Scoop: The next generation of professional brushes has arrived!—and it brings immediate hair relief. The
BeFri Brush, with revolutionary patented technology, features a unique Kinematic structure with eight free-moving arms that glide through hair, smoothing it out. This gentle yet effective brush actually conditions and strengthens the hair, leaving it healthy, shiny and full of body. Plus, it’s great for getting rid of those pesky tangles! So rather than pull at your client’s hair, start pampering it with BeFri. Once your clients’ experience firsthand what this innovative little brush can do, they’ll want to take one home making it a retail slam dunk.

Who: Groh Ergo Boost

The Scoop: Thinning hair is a curse for clients, but for stylists, it can be a blessing in disguise. Why? Because it allows you to try and test new methods to help your clients restore their hair to their former glory—and there is no better feeling than seeing a client’s confidence return as their tresses grow in thicker and fuller. Groh Ergo Boost is that tried and true in-salon treatment that restores confidence as fast as it reinvigorates thinning hair. The all-natural lineup of skincare and haircare products includes a 60 day supply scalp treatment and a 30 day daily supplement. When the scalp treatment is applied 2-3 times per week and two supplement are taken twice daily, hair grows in healthier, thicker and fuller. That’s because this treatment is chock full of a variety of antioxidants, vitamins that deliver potent doses of reparative micronutrients to the scalp to recharge follicles from within and protect them from the main sources of hair loss such as environmental factors, stress and lack of proper nutrition. Everything about Groh is created by nature, yet unlocked by science to deliver the most reparative hair thinning method available.  



Who: Colortrak’s Balayage Haircoloring Film

The Scoop: Foils conduct heat like crazy and leave your balayage results underwhelming at best. So it was no surprise colorists ditched the foil and opted for plastic wrap instead!  But plastic wrap had problems too. You must have an extremely steady, almost robotic hand to apply plastic wrap without it crumpling in the hair and destroying your work. And removing those strips of plastic proved to be an arduous, anxiety-ridden task of hoping it won’t cling to the hair and distort your work. So Colortrak came up with a solution—a plastic wrap that doesn’t crumple, cling and yet lets you place color in whatever freehand or balayage technique you wish to use! Introducing Colortrak’s Professional Balayage Haircoloring Film! And if you don’t believe there can be a crumple-free plastic wrap, test it out! Scrunch the film into a ball and throw it in front of you. If you did that to other plastic wraps, it would remain in a ball. Colortrak’s innovative film will unravel itself and return to a flat sheet. This no cling, no crumple technology is unheard of and makes Colortrak’s film a game changer for balayage and freehand artists!  



Who: Formawell Hair Resurrection
The Scoop: Harsh Keratin treatments aren’t for everyone. They can be harmful to not only the stylist but the client as well. Formawell is different, all of its ingredients come from natural sources. The innovative formulas in their products are formaldehyde free, with no added keratin, so you can straighten your clients’ hair with no regrowth mark or harsh chemicals. The formulas found in Formawell reactivate and reconstruct the hair’s natural Keratin, regenerating the hair molecule. As a bonus, it also treats and eliminates dandruff. Plus, you can wash and color the hair directly after treatment. Purifying Cleanser not only cleanses the surface of the hair but opens the hair cuticle, allowing the formula to penetrate the hair’s cortex, purifying hair from the inside out. Reconstructing Treatment contains Amazonian orchid, along with cutting-edge technology that penetrates the hair cuticles and regenerates the root and the cortex. This treatment allows the hair to have a natural, silky appearance while repairing, healing and restructuring the hair. The Rejuvenating Shampoo and Nutritional Masque are the perfect take home products following the treatment for truly beautiful, shiny, healthy hair. The shampoo washes and removes any remains of the Reconstruction Treatment while promoting reconstruction, nourishment and hydration in the process. The masque is an intensive conditioner that penetrates and seals the hair for a naturally silky, shiny appearance.


Who: Shaoé Haircare’s Avant Garde Thickening Paste

The Scoop: What images does the word “avant-garde” conjure up? Intricate updos interwoven with ornaments resting atop a lanky model as she struts down the runway at New York Fashion Week? Honestly, it doesn’t even have to be that intense! Avant-garde hair can be created in many ways, including in your salon chair—and it just got a whole lot easier with Shaoé Haircare’s Avant Garde Thickening Paste! Made with Shaoé’s Secret Seven Complex—a mix of luxury ingredients from around the globe including Galanga Root, Aloe Vera, Eucalyptus Oil, Caviar Oil, Baobab Oil, Goji Berries and Dark Chocolate—this thickening paste is packed full of benefits that promote hair health and growth, while allowing you the ability to uniquely transform looks. How you create avant-garde looks is up to your discretion—and with this paste, it just got a whole lot easier! 



Who: MY.ORGANICS My Restructuring Steam Potion
The Scoop: Started by two brothers in Venice, Italy, with a decade of experience in the beauty industry,
MY.ORGANICS boasts a range of exclusive products with ingredients grown using organic and biodynamic farming techniques. Each and every product contains high concentrations of pure essential oils, extracted from plants and flowers using traditional, age-old harvesting techniques so as to obtain a products with ingredients that are 100 percent natural. The entire range is great for all skin and hair types with healing powers, aromas and colors that are preserved without the use of chemical additives. Besides the stunning packaging, the line has some unique products such as My Restructuring Steam Potion. The application of the product on the hair is transformed from a source of heat into vapor which nourishes the hair fiber from the roots through the technology hg. Finally drying the hair will no longer damage to brittle strands. Instead, the heat from the dryer will turn the potion into a nutritious stream, providing a beautiful, healthy end result.


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