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April 13, 2018

Video How-To: Lift And Tone Asian Hair In One Step (Without Lightener!)

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Video How-To: Lift And Tone Asian Hair In One Step (Without Lightener!)


We KNOW you know Linh Phan, aka @bescene, who creates insanely gorgeous metallic melts on typically lift-resistant Asian hair. His 330k+ followers trust his process, and so does Schwarzkopf Professional®—that’s why he went live on BTC’s Facebook (at our DOPE crib in LA) for an exclusive look at his techniques! Watch how #thebtcteam member takes a virgin Level 2 model to deep red-violet in one process, without lightener!




1. Choose the right product.

Linh is all about working fast (because time is money!) so he chooses haircolor that lifts and tones in one step. This look uses Schwarzkopf Professional IGORA ROYAL® Fashion Lights® and a custom blend using a violet booster. 


2. Formulate to eliminate undertones.

Another way to save time? Reduce the need for any pre-toning. If you formulate properly, you can cancel warm undertones (which are unavoidable in Asian hair). For this model, he used IGORA ROYAL Fashion Lights L-89, a red-violet, then added IGORA ROYAL® 0-99 (violet booster) to give his formula extra tone-canceling power. Listen to his formulation at 9:22.


3. Apply on wet hair for speed.

Again…time is money! Linh works on damp hair because he can apply color faster that way. He also doesn’t use clips to section—he just moves the hair out of the way. Hear him explain at about 8:00!



4. Choose developer based on zones of the head.

Linh went with a 15-volume developer (equal parts IGORA ROYAL® Premium Developer 3%/10-volume and IGORA ROYAL Premium Developer 6%/20-volume) at the root because the heat from the scalp will encourage faster processing (and no one wants a hot root). He switched to 30-volume for the ends. Listen at 9:22 for Linh’s formulation process.


5. Use plastic wrap for extra power.

Linh’s technique for wrapping the hair is genius. He applies a small piece of plastic wrap to the roots, then lifts the ends and lays them over the roots, then applies more plastic wrap. This ensures even processing because the scalp is heating all of the strands. Watch at 32:23!



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Products Used

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  • Formula A (base):

    40g Schwarzkopf Professional IGORA ROYAL® Fashion Lights® L-89 + 20g IGORA ROYAL® 0-99 + 30g IGORA ROYAL® Premium Developer 3%/10-Volume + 30g 6%/20-Volume

  • Formula B (ends):

    80g IGORA ROYAL Fashion Lights L-89 + 40g IGORA ROYAL Fashion Lights 0-99 + 120g IGORA ROYAL Premium Developer 9%/30-Volume


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