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June 28, 2015

VanishMax: Weave Removal’s Next Big Thing

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Every good product is born out of necessity—who needs it? Who is it helping? What can be made better, faster or stronger? It’s no secret that the weave removal process is a painful, time-consuming experience for both stylists and clients alike, but Vered Nisim and Melvin “MAX” Phillips, co-founders of VMax Hair Products, had a vision. A vision of a painless, seamless, 30-second weave removal that could revolutionize the industry. But there were a couple of hurdles to jump first.


VanishMax: Dawn of the 30 Second Weave Removal!



A lot of weaves are sewn in using nylon thread, and when pulled tightly enough, nylon can be strong enough to cut through skin—just imagine what it can do to the hair. So Vered and her partner Melvin Phillips set out to find a solution—something completely new, unheard of. A special thread custom built to not only function, but nourish the hair while it works. There had to be an easier, organic way to remove extensions, lessening damage and promoting growth.


They sent this idea off to a lab where prototype creation began. For Vered, the most surprising part was how interesting and complicated the chemistry was. VMax was unwilling to use any harmful chemicals. It had to be organic. And they were delighted to discover that the combination of ingredients they used, while all healthy, created a chemical reaction—the solution actually dissolved most of the thread when sprayed. They’d somehow managed to create a self-dissolving thread!


After creation in the lab came the testing phase, and then dermatologist certification. Quick and easy weave removal was no longer a dream; it was a total reality just waiting for people to know about it. And VMax knew exactly where it wanted VanishMax to go—behindthechair.com


The Next Big Thing


After partnering up with behindthechair.com, VanishMax was headed to Premiere Orlando to be included in BTC’s The Next Big Thing booth, where the response was overwhelming. VMax Director of Education, Doris Mosley held demonstrations for VanishMax and fielded questions about this innovative Next Big Thing.




In the African American community, 6/10 women are wearing weaves. It’s important to present healthier, more productive methods to hair extensions, and VanishMax does just that. That’s one of the leading reasons why Vered reached out to behindthechair.com and VanishMax found its way to Orlando—a farther reach, spreading the word.


And according to Vered, the response to VanishMax has been wonderful. “In a word, it’s been amazing,” she says, “And working with behindthechair has been a great experience. The team is so passionate—you can tell it’s not just a job but a way of life.”


What You Need to Know

According to Vered, the most important thing to consider when coming up with new products is knowing what stylists want, sure, but it’s also about the clients’ needs. About listening and empowering, nourishing and protecting. It’s an important part of VMax’s mission. 


“Our goal at VMax is to constantly come up with new products that can be used from the stylist side as well as the clients’—one that will impact the integrity of the hair, nourishing the hair on so many different levels,” says Vered. 


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