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August 1, 2016

Up Your Upstyles With This Big Secret

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If there’s one secret in this industry we know to be true it’s that education helps grow your creative mind. And in this world of constantly evolving trends and techniques, it’s not only important for your creative side to stay up-to-date on the latest education classes, but it’s important for your business too. 


So what are you looking to learn? Advanced braiding techniques? The foundation for the perfect upstyle? Maybe you’re struggling with those long-haired clients or need a little help with your art of putting it all together. The All Dressed Up class at the Moroccanoil® Academy in New York City is designed to bring you back to the essential foundations and to teach you a refined art of styling to create truly beautiful hair.


Kevin Hughes walks his class through an intricate upstyle!



“All Dressed Up contains techniques and tips that will help on so many levels, from your day-to-day behind the chair work to your special occasion, bridal and prom hairstyling. When I first started out in my career as a stylist, I used to give away any updos that came my way. I think about how much of my earnings went to other stylists because I wasn’t confident in my own abilities. Educating myself has changed that! My confidence has skyrocketed and continues to build every day so that I’m able to share my knowledge with fellow stylists,” said Moroccanoil® Educator Kevin HughesAnd don’t just take our word for it, we got word from some stylists who have already taken a class or two and they are raving about it.


Attendee Testimonials 

“Kevin and Martin were the best educators I have ever met. I have taken many classes through all different companies and this was by far the best one. All the techniques they taught us were amazing and they did not stop until I understood every one. Even when it was time to move on someone would stay and help me. I have never felt more inspired or confident after taking a class. They were truly a blessing to have met. Thank you!”


A student works to complete her upstyle.


“They gave me so many tips to my upstyling. I always struggled with pinning my updos and getting curls to stay. They gave me answers to everything I struggled with and showed me how to fix it.”


“As a salon owner I felt that Kevin & Martin were very approachable and easy to talk to and they didn’t move on until everyone in the class fully understood.”


“All of the techniques I learned in this class were so versatile and taught so well. They will be easy to incorporate into my salon services.”



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