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July 19, 2015

Two Hot Plaits from Miami Swim Week

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Who wouldn’t want to spend July down in Miami enjoying the heat, the beach and checking out the latest in swimwear fashion? During Miami Swim Week 2015, twisted plaits paired perfectly with metallic bikini tops and light, airy cover-ups. Here, the stylists at UNITE share two super sweet takes on summer braids—sure to become your clients’ go-to summer style.


Long, Voluminous Crown Braid



The WILDFOX show was inspired by the idea that Brigitte Bardot visits Haight-Ashbury in 1969. So UNITE lead stylist Riley McLachlan, created a throwback look that pays homage to the 60s, creating a crown braid laced with smaller pixie braids. The result? A voluminous, beachy texture that screams fun in the sun!


1. Prep hair with UNITE TEXTURIZA and UNITE 7SECONDS Glossing to act as a thermal protector.


2. Curl hair using a curling iron or UNITE Flat Iron. Pin curls, cool and allow to set.


3. Release curls, and mist the hair with UNITE GO365 Hairspray on high.


4. Create a diamond section on the crown of the head and dust with UNITE EXPANDA Dust.


5. Lightly backcomb the hair to create volume and shape on the crown.



6. Rake your fingers through the hair to loosen the waves a bit.


7. Braid a small pixie braid on either side of the central parting, then temporarily pin in place.


8. Braid another pixie braid parallel to the top one, about an inch underneath.


9. Combine the ends of all four braids into a central, back braid.


10. Mist with UNITE GO365 Hairspray on hold for extra hold and UNITE 7SECONDS Glossing for an overall shine.


Deconstructed Fishtail Braid



The inspiration behind San Lorenzo’s Miami Swim 2015 Collection was “MIND, BALI, SOUL,” therefore, the BLO Blow Dry Bar-Brickell team lead by Chanel Peraza-Munoz, opted to create three different deconstructed looks enhanced with flowers for a relaxed, island feel. The length of each model’s hair determined how they were styled: a wrapped fishtail braid, a top knot or a loose, textured French braid. Here’s their take on a deconstructed fishtail braid.


1. Prep hair with UNITE TEXTURIZA throughout and UNITE EXPANDA. Dust on roots for overall volume and texture.


2. Create a loose section at the nape and form a fishtail braid from the nape to the ends, applying an elastic to secure.



3. Sprinkle UNITE EXPANDA Dust on the braid and then gently pull at the braid to slightly loosen the strand.


4. Mist UNITE 7SECONDS Glossing for an overall shine and to protect against the humidity of Miami.


5. Apply flowers down the braid as needed.