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April 6, 2015

Two Classic Men’s Looks from Jack Dean

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The good people at Jack Dean know what it takes to give your clients that casual yet tailored looks of yesteryear. They exemplify the essence of adventure, after all! They use a mix of pomades, pastes and old school brushes to exemplify that classic 1960’s style—and here’s how you can recreate two of those looks!


The Smart Casual


In the daylight, he’s all business. Working quietly in his cubicle, he’s as unassuming and straight to the point as the next guy. Once it’s time to clock out, though, and moonlight streams over the city, he’s the charming, genial guy at the bar, ordering rounds for everyone—making sure a good time is definitely being had by all. What gives him that confidence? It’s the smart casual hair style he’s rocking—both professional enough to blend in around the watercooler at work and casual enough to stand out during an adventurous evening.



1. Work a scoop of Jack Dean Finishing Sheen Pomade firmly between the palms to warm.

2. Apply to the sides and back, pulling the hair flat to the head.

3. Using a pure bristle wooden Jack Dean Club Brush, firmly brush the hair smooth to the head to create a sleek tailored outline.

4. For the top section, use Jack Dean Matt Styling Paste to give a softer, looser finish. Starting at the front, use fingers to work the paste through the hair from root to tip allowing the hair to fall naturally.

5. Still using the fingers work backwards through the top sections.

6. Finally, use a combination of the Club Brush and fingers to blend the top and side sections.


The Classic Quiff



Elvis Presley is known for being a pioneer of the classic quiff, but in reality, it was Jack Dean who perfected it! A classic quiff has enough volume in the front to touch the clouds and those sleeked back sides to exude the classy gentleman look. To achieve this look, all you need is Jack Dean Matt Styling Paste! Simply take the paste in your hands and work it into your palms to warm it up. Warming it up opens the fibers in the paste allowing for smoother application and higher lift.


1. Work the Jack Dean Matt Styling Paste in your hands until it becomes warm and fibrous.

2. Lightly spread the paste over the areas of the hair where it is to be used. Focus on the front part of the hair.

3. Using a firm backward motion, smooth the sides flat to the head and draw them into the nape area of the neck.

4. Starting at the crown, gently work the paste into the roots and lift slightly.

5. Continue towards the front hairline—increasing the level of lift with each section.

6. At the front hairline, pull the section slightly forwards when lifting and lay the hair gently over the previous sections.

7. Smooth with fingers or a comb taking care not to disturb the roots and check for symmetry.


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