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October 20, 2015

TONIandGUY Announces the Winners of the 2015 Photographic Awards

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All in the family. The TONI&GUY Team bring out their families for a final bow.


“It isn’t just about being a hairdresser and working behind the chair—you have possibilities galore. You have to have a passion for this field. You have to be inspired by it and then you have to go forward and reach for it. The most important thing is to never give up,” shared Bruno Mascolo as he opened the 20th annual TONI&GUY Creative Release.


Bruno had the crowd of more than 2,000 stylists and students roaring with laughter when he shared his story about coming to America. “The first time I came to America, I lost money and had to return to London. I went back a second time and returned to London after losing my brothers money again,” he said. “But I realized, it was about more than just going to America—I wanted to start a life there, so I sold my house and my car and I used my own money to go to America the third time. What happened? I no longer had anything to go back to in London—I had made a true commitment to what I wanted and once I did that, everything started to fall into place.” 


Bruno’s story was heartfelt, sincere and laced with lots of inspiration for stylists and students alike who eagerly took it all in. At the core of his lesson: family. “At TONI&GUY—myself, our President Debbie Webster, Zak, Caroline, Anthony, Josh and Pat—are all committed to building a family,” began Bruno. “We may not all be related by blood, but we are related by our love, ideas and vision for where we are going in this industry. There is nothing better than working with people who share the same passion and vision that you have.”


The Venice Project                           The Desert Project


To celebrate the 20th Annual Photographic Awards, TONI&GUY decided to release not one, but two new creative collections: Westside: The Venice Project and Westside: The Desert Project. “This year’s collection of cuts and colors are reminiscent of the stark contrasts Venice has to offer,” shares Zak. “Disconnection, offsetting internal layers and urban swag interpret the lay of the land through The Venice Project. Each look is an adaptation of the latest runway trends translated into comprehensive and wearable hair for any lifestyle.” TONI&GUY’s unwavering approach to time-honored hairdressing methods led the team to creating their second collection, which they shot in the desert. “Our collection guides you through similar topographic areas with seamless cuts that translate modern techniques into everyday wear. The color is a warm and inviting palette that eases you into the elements. The natural flow of these hues can attune to any client’s lifestyle while still making them stand out in a crowd,” says Zak. “The Desert Project allows hairdressers to unite resourcefulness and versatility in a natural way. Each hairstyle combines the fundamentals of hair with the contemporary flow of modern style.”


After showing videos of the new collection Zak Mascolo, Creative Director of the Americas and the TONI&GUY Artistic Team, including Austin and Samantha Finley, Lindsay Baker, Mayra Rodriguez, and Jared Smith, to name a few, demoed the looks from both collections on stage with Zak and Josh Mascolo breaking down the cutting and styling for each look while Samantha talked color.


Zak demos a look from The Desert Project Collection.


The evening ended with the excitement of the Photographic Awards competition, which honors TONI&GUY students, staff and stylists for excellence in cutting, coloring, makeup and teamwork. This year, the work completely blew us away. Out of 1,076 submissions, 25 individuals and teams took home awards for their outstanding work. Judges included: Zak, Caroline, Bruno, Anthony, Samantha, Thomas Osborn, TIGI US Creative Director and Richy Kandasamy, TIGI US Technical Director.


“The photographic awards are about competition,” began Anthony. “We need to compete to try and be better. If you don’t compete there is no reason to do something.” Anthony went on to talk about competing against Robert Lobetta and Trevor Sorbie in the 80s. “I thought I was better than them. But it was because I wanted to compete. I wasn’t better. But they taught me how to become as good as I could be. So tonight during the competition—whoever wins, congratulations—whoever tried, try harder.”


Interacting with the audience, TONI&GUY’s male models threw colorful chalk out into the audience!


Bruno and Debbie took the stage to honor team members who have been loyal to the TONI&GUY family for more than 10 years. “There are 173 people in this room that have been with the company between 10 and 30 years,” Debbie proudly announced. After the newest members to join the prestigious group walked the stage, the awards officially kicked off.


To help announce the BTC Editor’s Choice Awards, BTC’s Managing Editor Heather Haemker was on-hand to present two of the awards: Pro Cut and Pro Colour. All four of the awards were carefully selected by BTC Founder Mary Rector-Gable who described the work as truly incredible. 


Want to see who took home the awards? Here is a complete list of winners!



The 2015 TONI&GUY Photographic Award Winners


Pro Makeup: Clarissa Pupo


Pro Total Look: Rachel Brumbaugh, Courtney Greenday, Ashlay Viramontes | Costa Mesa Academy


Pro Men’s: Stephen Jaime | Cumberland


Pro Cut: Stephen Jaime | North Park


Pro Colour: Angela Lucia | Dallas Academy


Pro Avant Garde: Om Graves | Dallas Galleria


Pro Editorial: Yvonne Mascolo | Dallas Galleria


Hairdresser of the Year: Stephen Jaime | North Park


Best Academy Team: Costa Mesa Academy | Costa Mesa Academy


Best Salon Team: Perimeter


TIGI Colourist of the Year: Courtney Greenday | Costa Mesa Academy


Best Art Team: Dallas Artistic Team



BTC Cut: Maribel Malton | La Cantera


BTC Colour: Moe Foster | Atlanta Academy


BTC Student Colour: Kaela Bailey | Seattle Academy


BTC Student Cut: Linda Tomaj | Newtown Academy


Student Fantasy: Nicole McNamara | Rhode Island Academy


Student Cut: Tristen David | Santa Monica Academy


Student Total Look: Tristen David | Santa Monica Academy


Student Men’s: Ryan Castle | Keller Academy


Student Colour: Brittany James | Newtown Academy


Student Makeup: Robin Jones | Atlanta Academy


Best Academy Student Team: Dallas Academy | Dallas Academy


Alumni Cut: Kendra Strand | Santa Monica Academy


Alumni Colour: Jordan David | Santa Monica Academy


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